Crimson Canaries?

Yesterday an op-ed by James Taranto was posted in the Wall Street Journal about Shatter the Ceiling, a link to which can be found here. It described Shatter the Ceiling’s mini-documentary as offensive, Lani Guinere as Clinton’s “quota queen,” and, by the end, women who are willing to speak out against gender disparity at HLS as canaries who are apparently bitter that we just don’t cut it in the Harvard system.

This is how Shatter the Ceiling is being characterized by the Wall Street Journal.  What matters more to us, though, is what YOU think.  We invite you to share your thoughts, feelings, and reactions — whatever they might be — to this journalistic response to Shatter the Ceiling and our activities on the HLS campus.  Are you angry?  Inspired? Challenged?  We want to hear about it!  All voices are welcome in sharing your thoughts and stories below!