About Shatter


Join the Harvard Women’s Law Association as we raise awareness and outrage over systemic gender disparities at Harvard Law School. We invite you to brainstorm solutions with us.

The WLA is proud to announce a new initiative, “Shatter the Ceiling,” which aims to bring together HLS faculty, students, and the wider legal community to tackle the problem of the gendered achievement gap at law school. Although men and women are accepted to HLS in equal numbers, and with equally impressive test scores and grade point averages, women continue to lag behind men in areas of normative achievement, such as Latin Honors, Law Review Membership, and Federal Court clerkships. The gender disparity prevalent at law schools like HLS is an issue few people recognize as systemic, but which affects students on a daily basis and throughout their careers.

In order to tackle this problem, the WLA is excited to embark on a multi-year campaign committed to closing that gap. We know that the gender disparities at our school are symptoms of a larger problem in the system of legal education and institutions, and we want to do something about it. Our hope is that students, faculty, and the administration can work innovatively together to identify causes and possible solutions so that all students at Harvard Law School have an equal opportunity to achieve their fullest potential.

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